Name Brand with out the Outrageous Price

Can I just say I'm so sorry to those of you really looking forward to this blog. I will try my hardest to get it going again. I created it, and the vision for it when I became ill. It has been a struggle every day to want to do much, especially something like this, even though it excites me! Well yesterday a neat experience gave me an idea for today's topic.

I'm a firm believer in name brand IS better quality, if you shop around you can pay less and honestly it lasts way longer than the two things you would rather buy that equal the same exact price of that name brand item. You follow? I don't come from money what so ever, and yes I was stupid and racked up credit card debt to get alot of the things I did buy when I was younger. However, I have discovered many awesome ways to obtain those things you just REALLY REALLY want for fractions of the original costs.

Number one, I'm big on sales, I some how always end up scoring big after Christmas. My 2 suede Jackets bought 2 Christmas' apart were originally well over $130 I walked out of the store paying less than $20 each. You have to be willing to search in the petites, for small women, women's sections you wouldn't normally, and stores you wouldn't think of. Those places end up having the most beautiful finds and some of the best things I've been complimented on.

Number two, consignment shops, when people sell off their clothes there are usually some pretty pricey name brand things. Depending on the area you go it can dictate what kind of people do their business there. My best find was a Banana Republic silk skirt tags still on. Dress was originally close to $200 I walked out paying $20 or less. It's all about using your eyes, and finding what fits, sometimes it doesn't matter what brand it even is, I had no clue that skirt was Banana Republic until after I tried it on. The goal is finding things you love!!

Number three, DSW, I love DSW... I can find things one day and nothing the next. I always shop the clearance section only. Why bother with the rest? One thing I actually discovered is they clearance out some of their inventory that is still considered current out in the shoe world! I bought a pair of shoes I love and trying to find another pair online thinking I would find them cheap they are all still full price! One more tip, you totally have to hit more than one. I was way out towards the Phoenix one and found an amazing selection compared to the other one I go to. They also have a website you can shop from as well, although that selection wasn't as fun.

Number four EBAY!!! I couldn't believe I hadn't even thought of this! My mom suggested I look for my shoes on eBay. Well they were still expensive on there as well, however I was cruising along and found this adorable pair of shoes I fell in love with even more than having a second pair of the same shoes. They were starting at $9.99, auction had 4 hours left and no one was bidding. So I promptly signed up for eBay and put a bid on them! I am now the proud owner of these amazing shoes and for a mere $17.24 total they will be at my door next week. So I also need some shorts for when I start some of my treatments coming up, I thought holy cow I can do the same thing and lo and behold I have found one pair that ends in a day stay at .99 and another 2 pair set and less than $5.00. So now it's time for...

EBAY ADVICE: The things I've noticed on eBay are pretty simple, and I thought I would share them for everyone. A really neat thing I have discovered is preworn clothing. You may think what the heck?! Well why not? Check out the dealer, what's their percentage rating? If they have done great business, described the item well, have a bunch of pictures, you can pretty well guess they took care of the item or they wouldn't be selling it. Preworn is also an amazing idea for those of us that can't pay for that expensive pair of jeans anymore, or that handbag we REALLY wanted last year. I bought a Coach bag that way a few years back. Make sure however you check that they have a REFUND policy just in case things don't fit, you don't want to be stuck with something that doesn't fit. Some of the items are also international, so look out for the locations, price, and sizing!! Otherwise eBay is an amazing opportunity to find anything you have wanted for a fraction of the cost! I DO NOT recommend however purchasing any cosmetics, hair products, things like that because you have no way of knowing if it was ever tampered with and this actually goes on your body and absorbed into the skin. Perfume, I have bought once upon a time, and that is totally fine, it all becomes buyer beware! Happy buying!!

These are just a few ways I have found over the years (other than being an employee) to purchase name brand clothing and such without ever having to pay full price. I hope this helps and let me know if there are any topics you have a request for, I will do my best to stay on top of things from now on! 

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