I have thought long and hard about this concept over the last couple weeks before I decided to launch it... So here it is! This is something that completely fascinates me and I have heard a lot of people talk about especially as young adults.

So what I present to you is the theory that by spending possibly more up front for cosmetic brand makeup, skin care, and salon brand hair care you will end up spending nearly the same amount as store brands. The point is you watch what you put into your body, so why are you not focused on what goes onto your skin or your hair?

I am not only going to go through over time different skin care brands, cosmetic brands, and salon brands but I would like to focus on educating my readers on different types of ingredients in store vs. name brand. You'll be surprised on some of the interesting things that are in cheaper cosmetics.

In the Cosmetic portion I would like to educate everyone on each item of makeup and how many varieties there are of that item. Example: eye shadows come in cream, high pigment, mineral other than what you just see on that little palette!

I hope you are as excited as I am to read this as I am to write this! I truly cannot wait to share some of my stories and experiences with everyone! Let the journey begin!!

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